makeup at RM50

for any occasion you wish for; dinner, high teas, event, makeover, or even trial makeup for your wedding! (except for wedding, reception, & solemnization ceremony), come to my house and get a makeup session at only RM50. FREE fake eyelashes and simple hair-do

All you have to do is call me to booked your time, and come to my house when the time and date is set. Pay after the makeup is done :)


enny, seremban

its been a looooooon hiatus. The thing is, my streamix line got problem, and they took about a week to send the technician to fix it. So, we gave up and balik kampung for 3 days. Then i got a fever + cough and i got a headache that need me to do nothing except sleeping. Once my fever gone, my doter sudah kena! OMG... i take care of her day and night. luckily she just sleeping quitely coz i already gave her antibiotic and other medicine from doctor (i guess she sudah 'lalok', effected from the drugs inside the medicine).

so, few weeks before was a really hiatus to me and my family. Lucky today i have a chance to update my blog :) finally! (we are getting ready to hit to jusco j-card day today!)

ok, enough about my self. here's Enny. She got engaged :) 1 thing about her room.... I LOIKEEEE IT!!!!! i love the purple color, i love the white furniture inside, i love the curtain, the flower, the bedsheet, everything!!!!!! OMG... similar to my room during my nikah few years back, but this 1... i love it more!!!! oh... my...


we start with the base

artist on work

enny glowing in purple attire.

few pose from her for everyone