hidayah, solemnization and reception

Another job i'd done few weeks ago. I think right now i wanted to finish posting all my job on february, before march coming in. I just came back from Port Dickson (to be exact, kpg pachitan), its a makeup job cum holiday for us; i mean my family. For those who already know me or hired me before, they should know that petite touch is a family group. I always bring my hubby, and i never leave my daughter behind. When you call me for a makeup job, i surely bring the whole family! But dun worry, you only have to pay my service, both of them comes in package together-gether with me. No extra charges! haha..

Hidayah request not to post out her before makeup face. so guys, only the finish product here ya!

the nikah session on morning.
sory for the unclear picture. i only have my digital camera with me... my photographer had to cover another event that time

and the reception during lunch hour.....
the last 2 picture was taken by me as well... That's why the color is not as bright and clear as the 1st picture below... anyway, thats all i got. enjoy!

pernikahan lina (dark skin tone)

phew... at last i got time to update my blog. i was too busy lately and end up too tired at night to update this makeup blog. anyway, Lina's solemnization was done on 21st February at her parent house in kampung penchala.

Her family is such a unique and rich with culture. Her parent is Muslims, while some of her aunts and cousins are not. They speak 3 languages in their house; mostly tamil and english, and sometimes malay. Her so call BFF, is chinese! Can you imagine how unique the event was? Its like a mix of all races, culture, religion and language! and all respect each other's culture, and having fun at the same time! real 1 Malaysia indeed. I'm just happy to see how peaceful malaysia is. We can have a wedding celebration in peace, with all races respect each others. What more can we ask for?

My entry become a bit patriotic now heh heh... lets just get back to the main topic here...


she's ready :)

another pose from her.. sweet

walking to the isle

candid picture, but somehow i like it.
her mom wanted her to wear some necklace... but she refused. haha!
she wore it inside her dress finally....

hav a great holiday all!


atikah engagement (quick update)

This is just a quick update. Another makeup job i'd done last sunday. I forgot to snap her picture before makeup, while after makeup i was kinda hurry to catch up another event (rush rush babe), so not much picture of her in my collection.

I start the makeover at 12 noon (goshh!! it was sooo hot, sangat2 bahang!) Even me was sweating like hell, can u imagine how does she like during the makeup session? with she already wearing her lace and sequinn baju kurung, and the room condition not much helping us... uhhh! i have to touch up her face and neck few times during the makeup session. 1 big fan was facing us, but no, it doesn't do much help. When i did the hairdo, her neck was sweating and so her head... dugaan... dugaan...

i'm glad today is raining. at least it help the earth to cool down a bit. The global warming really really effecting us. i read somewhere that few days ago, malaysia was 35 degree celcius!!!! OMG!!

well, hopefully atikah's bright, radiance face will cool down the rombongan meminang yang datang! haha, whut eva!

enjoy the only picture of atikah here =)

she opt for fresh white/cream rose on her hair. hopefully the rose will stay at least until the rombongan arrive. it's very hot there, i might think the rose gonna died!

happy engagement Atikah! best of luck to you

Ain's nikah and wedding

14th february was a hectic day for me. I got 3 makeup job. 3 clients at 3 different places, on 3 different event. My morning start with Aunty Ain's nikah.

not much words to say, just enjoy the picture. Some picture are taken by my hubby, while some other by the official photographer of the day =) all picture are nice as always.

this is ain, the bride

with some magic touch, here she is. glow and radiance
and ya, she's wearing spectacle. so no falsie for her

at the mosque. ready for the solemnization

Ain during the reception. i didn't got time to touch her up after her nikah session (i hav to run to another places), but its seem like her makeup stays and did well!
veil and tiara: petite touch belonging

Izdihar post wedding (night photoshoot)

Last minutes booking client. She was lucky i was free that evening, and able to spend my time (with family) at putrajaya for her night photoshoot session. It was a hectic day for her (nikah in the morning, straight way for reception and kenduri kendara at shah alam. On evening she rush to putrajaya for a photoshoot)

Makeup was done at her friend's house, before she catch up with the marathon people around putrajaya. Their idea was, to get a night photoshoot with a marathon as a background! what a unique and brilliant idea!! (both bride and groom are marathon-holic, they suppose to run that night if they are not married that day :P)

Unfortuately, i didn't get the photo from the photographer yet (me, myself was excited so see the result!) hopefully she can give me few copy of her night photoshoot later. So now, i just can show you all some photos taken from an amateur hand (^_^) I really hope i can get few picture from her soon. =)

by now, enjoy with this..

izdihar .
picture was taken indoor under the florescent light. I think my hubby use a flash (becoz the room is quite dim).

this picture was taken without flash, after the room light was adjusted

This picture shows her features well, becoz the lighting is just right.
veil and crown are izdihar's own collection.

A lot of bride get worries, how they will look like on picture. What are the factor to put in consideration when we are about to seal the perfect face on album. But, at the same time, nobody want to look like wearing 4 inch makeup on our big day.

A lot of bride demand a fresh, timeless, elegance, natural look nowaday. I will share with you guys some tips later. Not now, because this entry is made for Izdihar =) see you then



hi ladies!

i am very2 sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time. It's not that i don't want to update, not because i am buzy (as those who realize, i did update my personal blog frequently) and its also not because i don't have any job lately (haha!)

i have few small makeup job on januari ( so call emergency/ urgent job)... something like A is calling me on thursday, asking me to makeup her on saturday for xxx event... phew.. that was tiring man.. (well, kalau takde job besar dan masa lapang, boleh la layan kerja serta merta macam ni hehee). There's also certain client who did not want her face to be uploded online. Segan gamaknya, very the malu ayu kan... so, i have to respect her decision. After all, what important is i did my job, they satisfied, and i got the money...that's business! hehehe...

Here, i would like to thank you all for your support. Thank a bunch to all the blogger who support me, advertise my blog, doing advertorials, reviewed my services on your blog... you guys are rock! without you guys, i would definitely not in this position today. Maybe i will still merangkak-rangkak to put my name among the makeup artist online. Thanks a lot guys!

This february, i would say it's gonna be a hectic month for me. My weekends are fully booked! Thank alot for your support :)

Till now, have a great day and night ladies. Take care of your health, jaga makan, jaga keselamatan.