hi ladies!

i am very2 sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time. It's not that i don't want to update, not because i am buzy (as those who realize, i did update my personal blog frequently) and its also not because i don't have any job lately (haha!)

i have few small makeup job on januari ( so call emergency/ urgent job)... something like A is calling me on thursday, asking me to makeup her on saturday for xxx event... phew.. that was tiring man.. (well, kalau takde job besar dan masa lapang, boleh la layan kerja serta merta macam ni hehee). There's also certain client who did not want her face to be uploded online. Segan gamaknya, very the malu ayu kan... so, i have to respect her decision. After all, what important is i did my job, they satisfied, and i got the money...that's business! hehehe...

Here, i would like to thank you all for your support. Thank a bunch to all the blogger who support me, advertise my blog, doing advertorials, reviewed my services on your blog... you guys are rock! without you guys, i would definitely not in this position today. Maybe i will still merangkak-rangkak to put my name among the makeup artist online. Thanks a lot guys!

This february, i would say it's gonna be a hectic month for me. My weekends are fully booked! Thank alot for your support :)

Till now, have a great day and night ladies. Take care of your health, jaga makan, jaga keselamatan.


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  1. hida, lama i tunggu entry from u, sure busy i assume, anyway cant wait to see more jobs done by you, an au naturale make-up ;)