Ain's nikah and wedding

14th february was a hectic day for me. I got 3 makeup job. 3 clients at 3 different places, on 3 different event. My morning start with Aunty Ain's nikah.

not much words to say, just enjoy the picture. Some picture are taken by my hubby, while some other by the official photographer of the day =) all picture are nice as always.

this is ain, the bride

with some magic touch, here she is. glow and radiance
and ya, she's wearing spectacle. so no falsie for her

at the mosque. ready for the solemnization

Ain during the reception. i didn't got time to touch her up after her nikah session (i hav to run to another places), but its seem like her makeup stays and did well!
veil and tiara: petite touch belonging

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  1. wah..adore laa sgt2..
    coz muke pengantin nie nmpk lain sgt2..
    cik petite nie mcm fairy laa..coz bley tukarkan org jd cantek..

    btw, lawat2 blog nie...skali skala buatlaa makeup tutorial..huhuh...

    nk join blog nie laa...