Trial make-up - Ara, Hulu Langat

This trial makeup was done yesterday (30/12/09), which is 2 days before her engagemant. (I know.. crazy huh..) This is consider a final trial to finalize everything... from the accessories, fresh flower, veil or selendang, the eyes makeup... and not to forget the hair style!

The trial was done at Pandan perdana btw (nearer for me to come over, compare to hulu langat) but the engagament this friday will be held at Hulu Langat. If you wish to see her final look, you have to wait until her engagement day :) Right now, i just want to show you all what happen during the finalize look yesterday. hav fun!

this is Ara... she's 21 and she's getting enggaged :)

1st, we have to make her look sweet and pretty on that day

oh yeah.. dari mata turun ke hati...

now, we set her hair... lets make some girly romantic hair for her... she just 21, so let her hair flow!

:) sweet

the trial makeup was done without the fake eyelashes. Those are real (with the help by mascara of course)

fake flower for trial.. tomorrow we'll be using the fresh one ^_^

trying out her outfit to get the real image. Almost there! (veil and earings are missing here..)

ok. i have to stop now. Let's save the final look for her engagement day tomorrow. Wish me luck! i'm sooo excited. Wait for my next entry ya! it's gonna be her engagement at hulu langat :)


p/s-some people confuse about my gender. i hope a pictures on this post will speak out :)

new price range for 2010!

girl.. i just updates petite touch price list and packages for 2010. This new prices will valid start on 10th January 2010. To check the new prices, kindly click here or just click to the "package and price listing" label on our sidebar.

Plus, today is 31st December already! Just because i am in the good mood, i just wanna extend the December promotion booking period (it suppose to end tomorrow!). Booked before 10th January 2010 to enjoy the December promotion price range!

I hope you all in a happy mode right now, just like me :)

see you all soon!


friendly reminder: booking method & availability

just a friendly reminder for all lovely customer :)

1. please be notes that 50% deposit is compulsary upon confirmation.

And please book your dates by pay me 50% deposit, i cannot accept your only words as a confirmed and booked.

2. please booked me AT LEAST 1 month before the event.

most people tend to wait until the very last minutes to confirm, and thats really make my schedule really hectic.

3. please check my availability through my schedule here, and confirm to me again (in case i forgot to update my schedule)

4. start on january 2010, trial makeup only FREE for client who already booked and confirmed my service on their wedding/ enggagement (50% deposit required). If you are not booked yet, but need a trial, RM50 will be charge.

sorry gal', but i have too :( that's for my fuel and toll

thats all for now. thank you all ladies for your cooperation :)

Trial make-up - Errina

the trial makeup was done at her office (Kementerian kewangan, putrajaya) during lunch hour. I had a good time with her and done my makeup in relax mood. No need to rush and i take most of the time blending the eyes to perfection! :)

Because purple color was chosen this time, i use the bodyshop festive sparkle makeup promo picture as my inspiration.
(i have A LOT of nice picture of her after the makeup, but unfortunately i have to choose only 4 of it, in random)

before we started

The makeup look natural, nothing overdone here, just enough to enhance the face and her beauty. Thats what a bride need on her special day. One classic, timeless look which is appropriate to look at in picture even 30 or 40 years after.

One classic bride pose by errina. She does look like a bride here ^_^

this picture is somewhat over expose,
but the bright shiny sun makes errina's face glow!

inspiration by here

oh yeah... finally i have one nice picture of the eye shadow! ( i always wanted to put the pic. of eye-do since beginning, but my photographer always forget to snap a pic. of it. Rupanya dia tak tahu kena ambil gambar mata! ohhh my goddd.....!)

so here it is... the eye-do.
white-cream-purple-ish pink-black

Thats all for now. happy holiday all! have a nice weekend :)


last sunday, i've done another free makeup. We start about 11.15a.m, and done everything about an hour and a half later. Overall, i had fun on that day. She is such a nice person, and ramah mesra :)

1 thing about makeup that i like, i always amazed on how makeup can enhance the look and make us feel more presentable and confident.

diana before the magic touch

tadaaa..! kawaii!!

exclusive pose for all :)

yet another pose outdoor.. nice

uh, forget to mention, we had a great time talking and talking while i was finishing my touch, that was then i found out that she is my senior!!! OMG! what a small world! She is my senior in UiTM (course: interior design) I was part 2 when she was part 6. but of course i didn't know her before, becoz she was in sri iskandar branch, while i was in shah alam.

:) it's good to meet some people with same background. thats mean, more similar things to talk to :)