Trial make-up - Ara, Hulu Langat

This trial makeup was done yesterday (30/12/09), which is 2 days before her engagemant. (I know.. crazy huh..) This is consider a final trial to finalize everything... from the accessories, fresh flower, veil or selendang, the eyes makeup... and not to forget the hair style!

The trial was done at Pandan perdana btw (nearer for me to come over, compare to hulu langat) but the engagament this friday will be held at Hulu Langat. If you wish to see her final look, you have to wait until her engagement day :) Right now, i just want to show you all what happen during the finalize look yesterday. hav fun!

this is Ara... she's 21 and she's getting enggaged :)

1st, we have to make her look sweet and pretty on that day

oh yeah.. dari mata turun ke hati...

now, we set her hair... lets make some girly romantic hair for her... she just 21, so let her hair flow!

:) sweet

the trial makeup was done without the fake eyelashes. Those are real (with the help by mascara of course)

fake flower for trial.. tomorrow we'll be using the fresh one ^_^

trying out her outfit to get the real image. Almost there! (veil and earings are missing here..)

ok. i have to stop now. Let's save the final look for her engagement day tomorrow. Wish me luck! i'm sooo excited. Wait for my next entry ya! it's gonna be her engagement at hulu langat :)


p/s-some people confuse about my gender. i hope a pictures on this post will speak out :)


  1. wow.. so pretty, look at her transformed :)

  2. hida, natural betul and sweet, sangat sesuai for engagement, tak pyh overdo untuk nampak cantik kan, and i drop by benefit counter hari ni kat ou, bila dia mekap natural i terus ingat you..