Trial make-up - Errina

the trial makeup was done at her office (Kementerian kewangan, putrajaya) during lunch hour. I had a good time with her and done my makeup in relax mood. No need to rush and i take most of the time blending the eyes to perfection! :)

Because purple color was chosen this time, i use the bodyshop festive sparkle makeup promo picture as my inspiration.
(i have A LOT of nice picture of her after the makeup, but unfortunately i have to choose only 4 of it, in random)

before we started

The makeup look natural, nothing overdone here, just enough to enhance the face and her beauty. Thats what a bride need on her special day. One classic, timeless look which is appropriate to look at in picture even 30 or 40 years after.

One classic bride pose by errina. She does look like a bride here ^_^

this picture is somewhat over expose,
but the bright shiny sun makes errina's face glow!

inspiration by here

oh yeah... finally i have one nice picture of the eye shadow! ( i always wanted to put the pic. of eye-do since beginning, but my photographer always forget to snap a pic. of it. Rupanya dia tak tahu kena ambil gambar mata! ohhh my goddd.....!)

so here it is... the eye-do.
white-cream-purple-ish pink-black

Thats all for now. happy holiday all! have a nice weekend :)


  1. so pretty I love the colour :D

  2. Nice & sweet...if u dont mind...may be can post a tutorial on a simple make up for working ladies hehehe