last sunday, i've done another free makeup. We start about 11.15a.m, and done everything about an hour and a half later. Overall, i had fun on that day. She is such a nice person, and ramah mesra :)

1 thing about makeup that i like, i always amazed on how makeup can enhance the look and make us feel more presentable and confident.

diana before the magic touch

tadaaa..! kawaii!!

exclusive pose for all :)

yet another pose outdoor.. nice

uh, forget to mention, we had a great time talking and talking while i was finishing my touch, that was then i found out that she is my senior!!! OMG! what a small world! She is my senior in UiTM (course: interior design) I was part 2 when she was part 6. but of course i didn't know her before, becoz she was in sri iskandar branch, while i was in shah alam.

:) it's good to meet some people with same background. thats mean, more similar things to talk to :)