latest news - another giveaway for all blogger!

petitetouch are going to launch year end sale giveaway! stay tune for our news this week. Its gonna be super fun! it's a chance for everyone to get excellent makeup service at a very low price!

right now, if you are interested to join, all you have to do is just leave us your blog link on our comment here, then we will blogwalking to your blog and see weather you are qualified to enter the giveaway! soo easy!

make sure i can find a link/ link button to petite touch on the sidebar of your blogpage!


  1. added link to side bar

  2. this is my link.hihi :

  3. zai punyer link..

  4. nurulhuda abu bakar

    im looking for natural make-up for outdoor photoshot, and hope will get something from your giveaway, thanks!!!

  5. sherry, so sorry, but this time i need to choose new faces la... u sudah masa 1st batch dulu kan..

    Aena, lokasi u bukan area selangor eh... so sorry jugak.. x dapat nak nolong la.. jauh bebenau yang...

    zai, i can't see my link on your blog... too many link la... confuse already

    cherrie pie, i emailed u ady :)

    nurulhuda, i gave u comment on ur blog. do reply to my email key :)

  6. err...
    give away mcm mana ni ek?

    join jer lah.. dah add ur link on my blog.

    rerajin, singgah la


    keep it up & all the best!~

  8. hi Hida,

    i think i got ur criteria covered,
    here's my link..thanks