uhh... its been a looong time i haven't update this blog. I suppose to upload this makeover last month, but my schedule was interupted by nature. I was sick, than later need to spend more time with my family (i just realize how busy i was few month ago and so that i only had few time with family) So, last few week was my time with family, plus my demam time. Soo sorry for the hiatus.

i dun remember when i makeover Dania actually (phew... long time already), but it was held at her apartment at bukit antarabangsa. Nice place! calm and serenity... but well, you read the news right... on what happend there. becoz of that tragedy, the land and property there has drop drastictly!

ok ok, back to the makeover thing. Dania requested for a trial makeup for engagement :) from what i know from her bf and our sembang2, she's having some issue with pink color. She's more to earth color brown tone, and hardly be seen in pink. She's quite scared with pink!

Well, 1 tip here for today. Don't be scared with pink! Some might think that pink is only for light skin tone. Oh, girl you are wrong! pink is for everyone! pink makes your skin glow, healthy and bring up your youth. The rule is, you must know how to applied it and NEVER over do with pink!

Of course, i gave Dania a touch of pink, so that she can see how pretty and glow she is, different from her normal day office wear makeup :)

enjoy guys...

dania in bare face. baru cuci muka

wallah! after the makeover

look how her face become healthy glow. all becoz of a hint of pink

oh yeah... dun get scared with pink lippy :) see... she can carry it well actually

now... who's next? hehe...