Trial make-up - Ara, Hulu Langat

This trial makeup was done yesterday (30/12/09), which is 2 days before her engagemant. (I know.. crazy huh..) This is consider a final trial to finalize everything... from the accessories, fresh flower, veil or selendang, the eyes makeup... and not to forget the hair style!

The trial was done at Pandan perdana btw (nearer for me to come over, compare to hulu langat) but the engagament this friday will be held at Hulu Langat. If you wish to see her final look, you have to wait until her engagement day :) Right now, i just want to show you all what happen during the finalize look yesterday. hav fun!

this is Ara... she's 21 and she's getting enggaged :)

1st, we have to make her look sweet and pretty on that day

oh yeah.. dari mata turun ke hati...

now, we set her hair... lets make some girly romantic hair for her... she just 21, so let her hair flow!

:) sweet

the trial makeup was done without the fake eyelashes. Those are real (with the help by mascara of course)

fake flower for trial.. tomorrow we'll be using the fresh one ^_^

trying out her outfit to get the real image. Almost there! (veil and earings are missing here..)

ok. i have to stop now. Let's save the final look for her engagement day tomorrow. Wish me luck! i'm sooo excited. Wait for my next entry ya! it's gonna be her engagement at hulu langat :)


p/s-some people confuse about my gender. i hope a pictures on this post will speak out :)

new price range for 2010!

girl.. i just updates petite touch price list and packages for 2010. This new prices will valid start on 10th January 2010. To check the new prices, kindly click here or just click to the "package and price listing" label on our sidebar.

Plus, today is 31st December already! Just because i am in the good mood, i just wanna extend the December promotion booking period (it suppose to end tomorrow!). Booked before 10th January 2010 to enjoy the December promotion price range!

I hope you all in a happy mode right now, just like me :)

see you all soon!


friendly reminder: booking method & availability

just a friendly reminder for all lovely customer :)

1. please be notes that 50% deposit is compulsary upon confirmation.

And please book your dates by pay me 50% deposit, i cannot accept your only words as a confirmed and booked.

2. please booked me AT LEAST 1 month before the event.

most people tend to wait until the very last minutes to confirm, and thats really make my schedule really hectic.

3. please check my availability through my schedule here, and confirm to me again (in case i forgot to update my schedule)

4. start on january 2010, trial makeup only FREE for client who already booked and confirmed my service on their wedding/ enggagement (50% deposit required). If you are not booked yet, but need a trial, RM50 will be charge.

sorry gal', but i have too :( that's for my fuel and toll

thats all for now. thank you all ladies for your cooperation :)

Trial make-up - Errina

the trial makeup was done at her office (Kementerian kewangan, putrajaya) during lunch hour. I had a good time with her and done my makeup in relax mood. No need to rush and i take most of the time blending the eyes to perfection! :)

Because purple color was chosen this time, i use the bodyshop festive sparkle makeup promo picture as my inspiration.
(i have A LOT of nice picture of her after the makeup, but unfortunately i have to choose only 4 of it, in random)

before we started

The makeup look natural, nothing overdone here, just enough to enhance the face and her beauty. Thats what a bride need on her special day. One classic, timeless look which is appropriate to look at in picture even 30 or 40 years after.

One classic bride pose by errina. She does look like a bride here ^_^

this picture is somewhat over expose,
but the bright shiny sun makes errina's face glow!

inspiration by here

oh yeah... finally i have one nice picture of the eye shadow! ( i always wanted to put the pic. of eye-do since beginning, but my photographer always forget to snap a pic. of it. Rupanya dia tak tahu kena ambil gambar mata! ohhh my goddd.....!)

so here it is... the eye-do.
white-cream-purple-ish pink-black

Thats all for now. happy holiday all! have a nice weekend :)


last sunday, i've done another free makeup. We start about 11.15a.m, and done everything about an hour and a half later. Overall, i had fun on that day. She is such a nice person, and ramah mesra :)

1 thing about makeup that i like, i always amazed on how makeup can enhance the look and make us feel more presentable and confident.

diana before the magic touch

tadaaa..! kawaii!!

exclusive pose for all :)

yet another pose outdoor.. nice

uh, forget to mention, we had a great time talking and talking while i was finishing my touch, that was then i found out that she is my senior!!! OMG! what a small world! She is my senior in UiTM (course: interior design) I was part 2 when she was part 6. but of course i didn't know her before, becoz she was in sri iskandar branch, while i was in shah alam.

:) it's good to meet some people with same background. thats mean, more similar things to talk to :)

latest news - another giveaway for all blogger!

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uhh... its been a looong time i haven't update this blog. I suppose to upload this makeover last month, but my schedule was interupted by nature. I was sick, than later need to spend more time with my family (i just realize how busy i was few month ago and so that i only had few time with family) So, last few week was my time with family, plus my demam time. Soo sorry for the hiatus.

i dun remember when i makeover Dania actually (phew... long time already), but it was held at her apartment at bukit antarabangsa. Nice place! calm and serenity... but well, you read the news right... on what happend there. becoz of that tragedy, the land and property there has drop drastictly!

ok ok, back to the makeover thing. Dania requested for a trial makeup for engagement :) from what i know from her bf and our sembang2, she's having some issue with pink color. She's more to earth color brown tone, and hardly be seen in pink. She's quite scared with pink!

Well, 1 tip here for today. Don't be scared with pink! Some might think that pink is only for light skin tone. Oh, girl you are wrong! pink is for everyone! pink makes your skin glow, healthy and bring up your youth. The rule is, you must know how to applied it and NEVER over do with pink!

Of course, i gave Dania a touch of pink, so that she can see how pretty and glow she is, different from her normal day office wear makeup :)

enjoy guys...

dania in bare face. baru cuci muka

wallah! after the makeover

look how her face become healthy glow. all becoz of a hint of pink

oh yeah... dun get scared with pink lippy :) see... she can carry it well actually

now... who's next? hehe...

6 in a row - sarah al-idrus family

the client is sarah al idrus.

my job is to makeup 6 person in the morning before her brother's wedding reception at 12.30. She requested a natural look makeup for all 6 of them, just enough to make them look a bit difference on the special day.

This job is somewhat challenging, and i was a bit worried at first, becoz of the limitation of time we had that morning. Imagine, 6 faces to be done in 3 and a half hours!

That morning, i came to her house at 8.30, and start my touch to the 1st face, which is sarah herself.

sarah, before makeup

sarah was ready. she accompanied her sis waiting for her turn

second, her sis-in-law to be... nothing much to say, she got an exotic asian look :)

her becoming sis-in-law

natural beauty

later, her mom! this is the lightest makeup ever! since, the mother is having a matured skin and complexion, i done it as light as possible, without eyeshadow and mascara. light foundation, a bit of blusher to make her look radiant and fresh, and a lippy to complete the look.

dearest mom, before makeup

the mom was ready for the big day!

Then, we all move to the hall and i continue the unfinished job at the vip room. Start with her cousin...

sarah's cousin, before makeup

she's done. do you notice her eyelashes? its real! no falsies! just mascara :)

after that her sister...

this picture somewhat look very classic. like a bride with her bridesmaid, getting ready for the big event. ^_^

the sis now ready!

and finally, the last person that day... phewww...

before makeup

this ladies finally ready at 12.30 :)

This job was really tiring, overwhelming, and i can say its 1 of the most challenging job i've ever done. We were all rushing, the time was limited, i had no choice but doing my job fast, and at the same time, had to do it right! not forget to mention we had to changed place several time for certain reason and cause.

But it's all worth! They are all happy and satisfied with the result, and the reception was done great. i am happy as well, becoz they gave me this apportunity and wonderful experienced.


Her session was held at her house last saturday (10 Oct). i reached there about 3.30p.m ( unusual traffic jamm on saturday), and immedietly start my work. I'm in a rush actually becoz i had another client to makeup at 5p.m, which is Maryam. But, i never do my job "cikai-cikai", even in a limited time, or even for FREE session, i always put my best on my fingers.

so, here it is.. Jaslyn.
She's going to attend a dinner party that night, but she's having a serious pimples around her face! lucky her i was there to save her day :)

oh, btw... she also mentioned on her blog that she love the fact that i make her eyes look bigger. Well, that's what makeup can do, it makes you look presentable and enhance your beauty!

help me hida... please save my day~~ (hehe)

tadaa...! once again, the makeup do the wonders!

absolutely pretty! look how happy she was that night! (this pic. taken from her blog)

you all can read her review about my makeover on her blog


maryam redeemed her free makeup for her dinner last saturday. She is pretty even without makeup. For her makeup, She knows what she want and what she like to be done on her face. She like to highlight more on her cheek, and less dramatic for her eyes.. so i put more blusher on her cheek to make it look pinkish and lessen the eyes makeup for more natural look.

here is Mariam, before and after makeup.

sweet maryam, with foundation. i forgot to take her picture before we start! LOL

maryam, after makeup

gorgeous maryam! she knows how to pose for camera!

She is getting married this November. congrats to you :)


the makeover was done last sunday (4/10/09) in her house at putra height. She redeemed the makeover to attend her family gathering that noon.

As usual, the makeup session was fun. Her daughters (she have 3's) are all excited. The youngest one, 2 years old, become juwita's new friend that day :) . She's really take part in her mom's makeover. Like she's watching me every single detail!

and btw, her house is really nice! i like the interior.

here is the picture of Mai, before and after the makeover.

mai before the makeover

Mai after the makeover


1st participant who get my free makeover.

It was an outdoor makeup.

What a wonderful experience!! at first i was a bit worried, how is it like to makeup outdoor (well, usually we done makeup indoor, rite) but it turn out very well. Its like a family outing cum picnic for all of us, and i have a great time with sherry! she's a nice person and friendly :) i like makeup her

here is sherry before and after the makeup session

sherry before makeup

sherry after makeup

our schedule

schedule of petite touch.

check our schedule before you book a session to avoid dissapoinment.

(latest schedule will upload soon. call me for enquire and availability)

petite touch latest event 2011

22nd Jan : Aisyah's enggagement @ Ulu Kelang, KL

FEB 2011
10th Feb : Kelly's personal makeup class
14th Feb : Ida Dinner makeup @ Shah Alam
19th feb : Emma dinner makeup @ concorde Shah Alam

APRIL 2011
9th Apr : Dina's pengapit & bride's mother @ USJ
30th Apr : Athirah. Pakej makeup family @ Hotel Putra KL

MAY 2011
15th May : Personal grooming & makeup class sesi II (anjuran Petite touch beauty)

JUNE 2011
04 June : Nabila Syakira solemnization & reseption @ taman melati KL
10 June : Fazura simple makeup @ Shah Alam
11 June : Astrid reseption (makeup pengapit & family) @ Subang Jaya
19th June : Personal grooming & makeup class sesi III (anjuran Petite touch beauty)

JULY 2011
6th July - 12 July : NOT AVAILABLE
16th July : Saadah reception @ Shah Alam

14th Aug : personal grooming & makeup class @ seksyen 6 Shah Alam

SEPT 2011
23rd sept : Huda's solemnization @ Rawang (waiting payment)
24th sept : Huda's reception @ Rawang (waiting payment)

NOV 2011
13th nov : High Tea makeup, 3 cikgu sekolah Kota Damansara (PAID)
19th nov : Dalila's solemnization (DEPOSIT PAID)
21st nov : Dinner makeup, Diana (WALK-IN)
25th nov : Dinner makeup, Nurul Hafieza (WALK-IN)

9th Dec : Raja's wedding @ Shah Alam (DEPOSIT PAID)
11th Dec : Raja's bertandang, bersiap @ Shah Alam (DEPOSIT PAID)
24th Dec : Dian's solemnization @ seksyen 8, Shah Alam (DEPOSIT PAID)
25th Dec : Aunty Ibah's Solemnization (BOOKED)

1st Jan : Hannah (KIV)

20th Feb - 8th Mar : NOT AVAILABLE

MARCH 2012
12th - 21st Mar : NOT AVAILABLE

JUNE 2012
1st/ 8th/15th June : Nurdalia's solemnization @ Kampung Jawa, Klang ( DEPOSIT PAID)


petite touch latest event 2010.

29th April : personal makeup lesson for najwa @ shah alam (confirmed)

1st - 3rd May : @ palong 1, @ Jasin (firm)

5th - 11th May : @ kuching (petite touch's family holiday) (firm)

15th May : Naja's reception @ selayang (booked)

23rd june : oshie @ segamat (reserved)

29th May : haslifah's wedding @ bukit jelutung (booked)

29th May : miss XX (sorry i can't recall ur name) pre wed photog, walk-in @ shah alam (reserved, without deposit) - super early morning

4th june : liana's solemnization @ b.b. bangi (booked)
6th june :
11th june : wan adawiyah's solemnization @ wangsa maju (booked)
12th june : pet's wed @ kota tinggi (booked)
13th june : ajib's wed @ pasoh (booked)
19th june : pet's bertandang @ seremban, maklong's sambut menantu @ rembau (booked)
26th june : Fiza's engagement @ cheras (booked)
27th june : nurul huda's pre wed photoshoot (booked)
29th june : SKVE Grand Opening (booked)

8, 9, 10, 11th july : NOT AVAILABLE
25th july : kenduri kesyukuran @ n9 (booked)
30th july : Nurul Huda's khatam quran (night event) @ wangsa melawati (CANCEL)

7th august : Syafik's menyambut menantu @ Seremban (booked)

3rd sept : Mini runway show @ Malaysian Institute of Bakery (booked)
10th - 17th sept : NOT AVAILABLE
18th dec : Khairil's wedding [photography job] (booked)
25th sept : Sha;s enggagement @ Shah Alam (booked)
25th sept : Aimi dinner makeup (2 person) @ IOI Resort, putrajaya (booked)

6th oct : Nurul's photoshoot @ walk in
8th oct : Anis's nikah @ sekinchan (booked)
16th - 17th oct : NOT AVAILABLE
23rd oct : makeup for special event (4 person) @ walk in
29, 30, 31st oct : NOT AVAILABLE

6th nov : Arni Diryana bridesmaid makeup (5 persons) @ shah alam (booked)
12th nov (early morning) : bangsar
12th nov (evening) : Tini dinner @ carlton hotel Shah Alam (booked)
13th nov : Nabila convocation night @ sunway. walk-in. (booked)
20th nov : special event
21st nov : Hawa's nikah @ sg. buloh (booked)
27th nov : Zuraini's sis enggagement @ Pulai (booked)
28th nov : Zuraini's sanding @ Pulai (booked)
29th nov : Zuraini's outdoor photoshoot @ Melaka (booked)

5th dec : Par's wedding [photography job] (booked)
10th dec : Kak Bid solemnization @ palong 1, N9 (booked)
11th dec : Kak Bid reception @ palong 1, N9 (booked)
17th dec : Nurul (walk in) for dinner makeup (booked)
24th dec : backstage makeup (5 persons) (booked)
25th dec : Meli's pengiring&pengapit 4 person @ pusat bdr melawati (booked)
26th dec : Meli's reception @ dwn tabung haji K.Jaya (booked)
31st dec :


notes to all participant on free makeover promo giveaway

the makeover are now redeemable from 1st october until 30th november 2009. before 1st october is unavailable and who already booked the date before 1st october need to change to another date.

participant who did not redeem the makeover until 30th november is consider not interested to join the giveaway and their name will be replace to other blogger in waiting list.

participant who did not get my email, please notify me.

Who did not response my email accordingly will disqualified and their place will be given to other blogger.

My schedule will coming out soon, so, for those who did not booked the date yet, you can choose the date on my schedule later.


list of confirmed. we decided to pick 1st 10 earliest blogger to enjoy our 1st free makeover. don't worry, there will be a second batch yall!

1. honey bee ( - change to anytime on october
2. candyliciouscat / jaslyn choo ( - 26th sept (saturday)
3. mummy_sofea / Nuradilla Azizan ( - 4th october (sunday)
4. aurinh / Nur Hidayati Mohd Sharif ( - anytime on October
5. sherry ( - 1st October (thursday)
6. jessying / jess ( - to be confirm
7. diana luna / diana ( - anytime on October
8. yam^artfingers^ / mariam ( - 10th october (saturday)
9. Errina / zarina ( - 9th october (friday)
10.cik @ni kebabom! / Dania ( - 10th October (saturday)

now officially, 1st batch of FREE MAKEOVER PROMO has CLOSED!
next batch will be arrange after all 1st batch participant redeem their FREE MAKEOVER. Thank you all for your support.

*please inform me if there any changes or any mistakes on the list above.

giveaway - free makeup and makeover

petite touch would like to announce the most exciting giveaway to all of lovely ladies out there.

In order to fill up our portfolio with lots and lots of makeover picture, we now arrange the makeover and makeup for free!

There's only some little easy rules and step you have to follow, and other than that, it's completely FREE!!!

So, how can you get the FREE MAKEOVER? easy....

1. you have to visit this site. (you already done that! 1 step checked!)

2. take my button link and add to your blog.

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5. done! congratulation! now you are qualify to redeem a FREE MAKEOVER from petite touch! We will contact you for further discussion and appointment :)

BUT, hei, hei, hei...

here some term and condition that you have to read first

1. this free makeup only valid for makeover, dinner/ prom/ night makeup, and bridal trial makeup only. Wedding and engagement makeup is not applicable.

2. if you are getting married while you enter this giveaway, you are entitle to get 30% off for your wedding and engagement makeup @ petite touch.

3. you will get free 1 pair false eyelashes as well!

4. however, this giveaway only completely FREE for klang valley, selangor and PJ area only. For other location, you have to pay a bit just for our transportation and travelling cost.

5. makeover voucher only can be redeem once for 1 person only. you can either redeem to yourself or makeover someone else!

6. this makeover will continue going until i decide to end it.

7. after the makeover, you MUST blog an entry about your makeover session with petite touch and post your makeover picture on your blog and credited to our blog.

8. petite touch have the right on your makeover picture. we will post out your makeover picture on our blog together with your picture before the makeover (before and after format). Your makeover picture will be compiled in our portfolio gallery.

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