maryam redeemed her free makeup for her dinner last saturday. She is pretty even without makeup. For her makeup, She knows what she want and what she like to be done on her face. She like to highlight more on her cheek, and less dramatic for her eyes.. so i put more blusher on her cheek to make it look pinkish and lessen the eyes makeup for more natural look.

here is Mariam, before and after makeup.

sweet maryam, with foundation. i forgot to take her picture before we start! LOL

maryam, after makeup

gorgeous maryam! she knows how to pose for camera!

She is getting married this November. congrats to you :)


  1. wow she is pretty :) hehe.. so true she is pretty before make up too :)

    congrats to her to get married this Nov :)

  2. hey ya...thank u sangat2 la mekap aritu..hehe..nice..showed on the pics.

    thanks again.

    sherry: i'm blushing:)