Her session was held at her house last saturday (10 Oct). i reached there about 3.30p.m ( unusual traffic jamm on saturday), and immedietly start my work. I'm in a rush actually becoz i had another client to makeup at 5p.m, which is Maryam. But, i never do my job "cikai-cikai", even in a limited time, or even for FREE session, i always put my best on my fingers.

so, here it is.. Jaslyn.
She's going to attend a dinner party that night, but she's having a serious pimples around her face! lucky her i was there to save her day :)

oh, btw... she also mentioned on her blog that she love the fact that i make her eyes look bigger. Well, that's what makeup can do, it makes you look presentable and enhance your beauty!

help me hida... please save my day~~ (hehe)

tadaa...! once again, the makeup do the wonders!

absolutely pretty! look how happy she was that night! (this pic. taken from her blog)

you all can read her review about my makeover on her blog

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