Kak Rubiah's solemnization

The solemnization took place on Friday 10th December, after Asar. Alhamdulillah, everything goes well, and i am satisfied with my job.

The base and foundation is quite thick, and it took more effort to make it blend with her original skin shade, but i try my best to make it look natural and lite, just presentable enough for solemnization ceremony.

Zuraini"s Outdoor Photoshoot (post-wedding)

The outdoor photoshoot was done on 30th November, at the nearest "jeti" just few miles from bride house.

The makeup was simple but elegance, and the couple choose grey color theme.

Zuraini's reception

The reception of Zurini & Ili was taken place on the same day, at 1.30pm. After a few photoshoot session with the photographer, the bride get back to their room, touch up, prepare and get ready for next event.

The makeup was still simple. I just simply darken the eyes to make it a lil bit smokey, and added more on her cheek as well to make it balance. I also changed the false lashes, from natural lite to medium heavy lashes. They choose red and cream color for their reception, which i think suit them well! The bride look really gorgeous and glow effortlessly~

Zuraini's solemnization

Date: 28/11/2010

Location: Masjid Kampung Pulai, Melaka

Zuraini's solemnization.

We are actually best friend during childhood. Suddently we lost contact for several years (i think about 10 year!). I met her before i married to gave my invitation card, but apparently she didn't came on my wedding~ and... maybe bacause of takdir.. we met again, and guess what.. she's getting married!

She booked me and my husband as a makeup artist and photographer on her special day :) We are honored with the trusted that they gave us. I did my best on her, and i hope she love it!

Hawa's Solemnization @ Desa Coalfield

I keep holding to post this entry for few week now, as i previously wanted to keep the "personal grooming and makeup class" entry to stay on top and current. (soo silly me~ dunno how to set the entry always on top, like a sticky mode... anyone can teach me on that?)

Anyway, Hawa was married last month on 21st. The solemnization was held at Desa Coalfield, Sungai Buluh. Enjoy the picture..

Smokey cats eyes.. makes your eyes look bigger!

Update: Personal grooming & makeup class on 18th December 2010

salam kepada kawan-kawan semua,

bagi yang nak join kelas pada 18hb ni, dan berminat pada sesi petang sahaja (makeup class), bayaran adalah RM115. Start pukul 2 petang.

Pakej: kelas tutorial dan amali 4 jam setengah. Lunch is not provided, goodies bag ada for all entry.

Berikut adalah summary kepada kelas pada hari tersebut.

FULL DAY CLASS is divided into 2 session: morning session & evening session.


personal grooming (ceramah),

masa: 9.30 - 12.30 (3 hours talk)

LUNCH: (provided for FULL DAY student only) & zohor

masa: 12.30 - 2.00


makeup class,

masa: 2.00 - 6.30 (4hours 30minutes demo, tutorial & hands-on)

Kelas yang ada adalah FULL DAY CLASS atau SESI PETANG (MAKEUP) sahaja.

FULL DAY: RM175.00
sesi petang sahaja (makeup): RM115.00

untuk daftar, email ke anggunje@gmail.com atau SMS ke 017-2776393 (hida)


personal grooming & make-up class

Petite touch is now preparing for a personal grooming and make-up class that will be held on this december.

To those who is interested to participate, kindly just contact me via e-mail (anggunje@gmail.com).


This course provides techniques and skills during the training for the interested participants to make them

1) feel and look great,

2) comfortable and confident with own body

3) finding their inner strength,

4) project themselves positively,

5) act confidently, and

6) learnt all about make-ups, how to use and choose it correctly

Who Should Attend

Teachers, young adult, working adult, secretary, housewives, receptionist, customer service, front liners, graduates trainees, ladies, anyone above 16 years old.

Date of class: 18th December 2010

Location: will be inform later. (kami masih mencari tempat yang lebih luas dan selesa)

Registration: open from 16th nov until 5th December 2010. Deposit should be paid within 48 hours after reservation of seat.

Some of the details you guys should know about this class:

1. Its a 1 day full class. divide into 2 ssession, morning session and evening session.

2. Maximum 10 students/class. Seats are limited

3. The fee is RM175/person. deposit 50% is needed upon registration. No back out once your seat is confirmed.

4. Lunch is provided.

5. Every participant will receive a goodie bag (makeup & beauty products)

6. makeup for hands-on class is provided

7. Class will be held in shah Alam. Location will be confirm later (we will try our best to get a spacious and comfortable location)

7. the syllabus content :


· Grooming : What is grooming?

· The important of grooming

· Personal grooming habits

· How to take care of your body from top to toe

· Woman’s health – you are what you eat

· Finding yourself : understand your whole body

· What is your body shape?

· What is the perfect shape?

· Know your face shape

· Why we have to know this?

· Bring out your personality and image

· Physical appearance

Ø Grooming

Ø Make-ups

Ø Dress accordingly


~Pengenalan kepada mekap

· ~Tujuan dan fungsi mekap

· ~Jenis-jenis solekan dan kesesuaiannya mengikut keadaan

· ~Teknik solekan

· ~Panduan memilih alat solek

· ~Teknik bersolek langkah demi langkah

· ~ Demo session (teknik solekan siang (day makeup)/ natural untuk ke pejabat, night/dinner makeup)

~ Amali dan latihan

· ~Konsep keseimbangan dalam solekan

hi-tea cikgu-cikgu sekolah kota damansara @ shah alam

The makeup was done at my office. They confirm with 4 person to makeup, but end up many teachers on waiting. Sorry, but i only can finish 4 person, as expected, due to time limitation. 3 of them request a false lashes, (means more time required), while another 1 have to forget about the false lashes coz she's wearing a specs~ (kalau tak habis semua 4 orang pakai lashes. haha~)

The picture also very limited, because the photographer had to do another job, that is to baby sit my doter! wah la wei~ i'm a very busy mom that saturday~ sigh~~~

Anyway, enjoy the picture :)

4 person who got my touch: from left, no 1, 2, 3, and 5

(i did not take any picture for my collection on "5 in a row bridemaids makeup" at shah alam last week. Soo sorry~!)

Anis's solemnization @ Sekinchan

i didn't get the official picture from the photographer or Anis yet, so i guess this picture (taken by me, using my compact camera) will do just fine. Hei, At lease there's a picture, at lease i upload my blog~~~ lalalaaa~~

so, this is anis, before the makeup. Remember her? She's the girl who did trial makeup at my office before :)

So, here she is, after the makeup. She request a dramatic eyes look.

Gosh..does she look like Giuliana Ransic??? I loikkeeeee~

Nurul. makeup for interview

She came to my office at Seksyen 6 Shah Alam for a makeup. She's coming all the way from Terengganu O__O for an interview at banking company & test shoot at karangkraf Shah Alam. So, i suggest a fresh natural look for her, which is suitable for both events; test shoot and bank interview. (tindakan yang bijak bila dia bawa 2 pakaian yang sama color untuk 2 event berbeza. mudah nak mix and match everything, including makeup).

Anyway, its never too late to say goodluck to you. All the best for you :) (dapat kerja bank bagus, dapat part time job as modelling pon bagus)

Nurul before make-up

after makeup

and picture from her camera...

she have potential, isn't she? so photogenic!

Sha's engagement @ Alam Impian

Hi guys,

i'm still waiting for the official picture from the photographer for few wedding/ nikah ceremony. well, there's no doubt that picture from the hands of pro (and with very good gadget as well) is nicer than my picture. We can get clearer picture from a photographer, with nice angle and lighting, the make-up will stand out beautifully!

However, it takes time to get the better one rite..(kena banyak sabarrr) So, by now, just enjoy the picture of Sha, during her enggagement last month. (last month!! what took me soo long to update?~). picture taken by me.

Sha, before makeup

Sha, after makeups and all set

trial make-up compilation

Hi guys!

just few trial make-up picture to post, as a reference for later project. :)

till then, enjoy this~~

this trial make-ups were done in my office at section 6, shah alam, last week.



thanks for dropping by :)

Mini Runway show @ MIB

It's been a looooooooooooong time....

finally i manage to update my blog. Well, my blog update became soo slow, coz i had nothing to update (siapa pulak nak kawen bulan puasa kan..)

Actually a had few job during fasting month. 2 walk-in customer; 1 for family photoshoot while another for trial makeup. I also attended a "very-last-minute-notice" event, the runway show at Malaysian Institute of Bakery (MIB).

well, i guess i don't have to show the trial makeup final look here, as the runway show captures more intention then any other job around!

Thanks to my model friend, Noural Huda and Jannah Heaven (al-yamani abayah) for this opportunity, again! nice knowing you all, and it's a pleasure working with all of you :) (ini kali kedua kami bekerjasama sebagai satu kumpulan belakang tabir)

As usual, the favourite theme ever (or soo called "theme of the year"!), arabian night~~! Those sharp, dramatic, strong eyes of arabic style really captures everyone's hearts. Pair it with nude color on the lips and earthy color on cheek...wallah!! The models are ready to go!!

bertandang @ senawang

Majlis bertandang pihak lelaki. Pihak lelaki juga yang booking-kan everything, the makeup artist, the dress, accessories.... (i loike!) but, because of that reason also, i forgot the bride's name already @_@ sorry! i did asked okey! i forgot! T___T

Just enjoy the picture ladies. Not much to say... except... another green theme~ haha~