hi-tea cikgu-cikgu sekolah kota damansara @ shah alam

The makeup was done at my office. They confirm with 4 person to makeup, but end up many teachers on waiting. Sorry, but i only can finish 4 person, as expected, due to time limitation. 3 of them request a false lashes, (means more time required), while another 1 have to forget about the false lashes coz she's wearing a specs~ (kalau tak habis semua 4 orang pakai lashes. haha~)

The picture also very limited, because the photographer had to do another job, that is to baby sit my doter! wah la wei~ i'm a very busy mom that saturday~ sigh~~~

Anyway, enjoy the picture :)

4 person who got my touch: from left, no 1, 2, 3, and 5

(i did not take any picture for my collection on "5 in a row bridemaids makeup" at shah alam last week. Soo sorry~!)

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