6 in a row - sarah al-idrus family

the client is sarah al idrus.

my job is to makeup 6 person in the morning before her brother's wedding reception at 12.30. She requested a natural look makeup for all 6 of them, just enough to make them look a bit difference on the special day.

This job is somewhat challenging, and i was a bit worried at first, becoz of the limitation of time we had that morning. Imagine, 6 faces to be done in 3 and a half hours!

That morning, i came to her house at 8.30, and start my touch to the 1st face, which is sarah herself.

sarah, before makeup

sarah was ready. she accompanied her sis waiting for her turn

second, her sis-in-law to be... nothing much to say, she got an exotic asian look :)

her becoming sis-in-law

natural beauty

later, her mom! this is the lightest makeup ever! since, the mother is having a matured skin and complexion, i done it as light as possible, without eyeshadow and mascara. light foundation, a bit of blusher to make her look radiant and fresh, and a lippy to complete the look.

dearest mom, before makeup

the mom was ready for the big day!

Then, we all move to the hall and i continue the unfinished job at the vip room. Start with her cousin...

sarah's cousin, before makeup

she's done. do you notice her eyelashes? its real! no falsies! just mascara :)

after that her sister...

this picture somewhat look very classic. like a bride with her bridesmaid, getting ready for the big event. ^_^

the sis now ready!

and finally, the last person that day... phewww...

before makeup

this ladies finally ready at 12.30 :)

This job was really tiring, overwhelming, and i can say its 1 of the most challenging job i've ever done. We were all rushing, the time was limited, i had no choice but doing my job fast, and at the same time, had to do it right! not forget to mention we had to changed place several time for certain reason and cause.

But it's all worth! They are all happy and satisfied with the result, and the reception was done great. i am happy as well, becoz they gave me this apportunity and wonderful experienced.

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  1. oh its you who did the makeup for sarah al idrus and her family..nice look and great job sis..