As promised: Ara'a Enggagement

Soo sorry ladies, this week had been a hiatus and my schedule became unorganized. I try to spend time uploading and updating this blog at night (just like i did before), but the hectic schedule during days always demanded me to sleep early. I always accidently slept during BF my daughter :P

However, today i manage to upload the picture on flickr and take some times to update this blog. I know, most people is waiting for this entry; to be specific, this entry's picture. I received a massage on ym and facebook from few of you, requested Ara's picture on her enggagement day :) Thanks all for your support.

So, as promised, i put the picture here. enjoy...

a lil bit more to touch up, then she's ready.
Notice the fresh flower on her hair? i use dual color carnation. sweet! match the overall look

She's ready :)

a sweet smile for all :)
white-silver veil; petite touch's collection, dress; her own

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