Izdihar post wedding (night photoshoot)

Last minutes booking client. She was lucky i was free that evening, and able to spend my time (with family) at putrajaya for her night photoshoot session. It was a hectic day for her (nikah in the morning, straight way for reception and kenduri kendara at shah alam. On evening she rush to putrajaya for a photoshoot)

Makeup was done at her friend's house, before she catch up with the marathon people around putrajaya. Their idea was, to get a night photoshoot with a marathon as a background! what a unique and brilliant idea!! (both bride and groom are marathon-holic, they suppose to run that night if they are not married that day :P)

Unfortuately, i didn't get the photo from the photographer yet (me, myself was excited so see the result!) hopefully she can give me few copy of her night photoshoot later. So now, i just can show you all some photos taken from an amateur hand (^_^) I really hope i can get few picture from her soon. =)

by now, enjoy with this..

izdihar .
picture was taken indoor under the florescent light. I think my hubby use a flash (becoz the room is quite dim).

this picture was taken without flash, after the room light was adjusted

This picture shows her features well, becoz the lighting is just right.
veil and crown are izdihar's own collection.

A lot of bride get worries, how they will look like on picture. What are the factor to put in consideration when we are about to seal the perfect face on album. But, at the same time, nobody want to look like wearing 4 inch makeup on our big day.

A lot of bride demand a fresh, timeless, elegance, natural look nowaday. I will share with you guys some tips later. Not now, because this entry is made for Izdihar =) see you then


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  1. Thanx Hida for doing my makeup... love it loads...

    Once I get photos of the night shoot ill definitely send them to you...