atikah engagement (quick update)

This is just a quick update. Another makeup job i'd done last sunday. I forgot to snap her picture before makeup, while after makeup i was kinda hurry to catch up another event (rush rush babe), so not much picture of her in my collection.

I start the makeover at 12 noon (goshh!! it was sooo hot, sangat2 bahang!) Even me was sweating like hell, can u imagine how does she like during the makeup session? with she already wearing her lace and sequinn baju kurung, and the room condition not much helping us... uhhh! i have to touch up her face and neck few times during the makeup session. 1 big fan was facing us, but no, it doesn't do much help. When i did the hairdo, her neck was sweating and so her head... dugaan... dugaan...

i'm glad today is raining. at least it help the earth to cool down a bit. The global warming really really effecting us. i read somewhere that few days ago, malaysia was 35 degree celcius!!!! OMG!!

well, hopefully atikah's bright, radiance face will cool down the rombongan meminang yang datang! haha, whut eva!

enjoy the only picture of atikah here =)

she opt for fresh white/cream rose on her hair. hopefully the rose will stay at least until the rombongan arrive. it's very hot there, i might think the rose gonna died!

happy engagement Atikah! best of luck to you


  1. its really really hot! im actually considering to put air cond in my room, since i dont have one, pasal risau masa nikah panas.. hehe..

    and mmg worry gila looking at the weather now.. =(

    i love the previous make up, masa dia nikah.. so natural, if she opt for lens pasti nampak lain.. ;)

  2. =) that previous bride, mmg xpernah pakai lens. dan power sangat2 tinggi huhuu. n she's very2 simple person. tats y she still nak pakai spec jugak2