pernikahan lina (dark skin tone)

phew... at last i got time to update my blog. i was too busy lately and end up too tired at night to update this makeup blog. anyway, Lina's solemnization was done on 21st February at her parent house in kampung penchala.

Her family is such a unique and rich with culture. Her parent is Muslims, while some of her aunts and cousins are not. They speak 3 languages in their house; mostly tamil and english, and sometimes malay. Her so call BFF, is chinese! Can you imagine how unique the event was? Its like a mix of all races, culture, religion and language! and all respect each other's culture, and having fun at the same time! real 1 Malaysia indeed. I'm just happy to see how peaceful malaysia is. We can have a wedding celebration in peace, with all races respect each others. What more can we ask for?

My entry become a bit patriotic now heh heh... lets just get back to the main topic here...


she's ready :)

another pose from her.. sweet

walking to the isle

candid picture, but somehow i like it.
her mom wanted her to wear some necklace... but she refused. haha!
she wore it inside her dress finally....

hav a great holiday all!


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