hidayah, solemnization and reception

Another job i'd done few weeks ago. I think right now i wanted to finish posting all my job on february, before march coming in. I just came back from Port Dickson (to be exact, kpg pachitan), its a makeup job cum holiday for us; i mean my family. For those who already know me or hired me before, they should know that petite touch is a family group. I always bring my hubby, and i never leave my daughter behind. When you call me for a makeup job, i surely bring the whole family! But dun worry, you only have to pay my service, both of them comes in package together-gether with me. No extra charges! haha..

Hidayah request not to post out her before makeup face. so guys, only the finish product here ya!

the nikah session on morning.
sory for the unclear picture. i only have my digital camera with me... my photographer had to cover another event that time

and the reception during lunch hour.....
the last 2 picture was taken by me as well... That's why the color is not as bright and clear as the 1st picture below... anyway, thats all i got. enjoy!

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  1. Salam HIda, i supposed tht i dont have to send any pictures of Hidayah anymore rite?