Imee Shahnaz's solemnization

last week job was in Port Dickson. It's kinda holiday for all of us. My lil' juwita really had fun, enjoy herself at the beach playing sand and kite. My hubby is a seafood lover, so PD is a perfect place for him! we had a wonderful seafood and ikan bakar at bagan lalang on the 1st night, while on the 2nd night, we went to medan ikan bakar tanjung teluk. Thanks to his usefull gadget that bring us all there!

While everyone enjoy the vacation, i had an important job to do. Imee Shahnaz solemnization was on 26th February. We start makeup quite early, because the ceremony takes place around 11a.m.

imee shahnaz

she was calm and steady all the time
she's wearing cekak spider for nikah session. Belong to her lovely friend.

waiting for everyone to get ready. if i'm not mistaken, the man at the back is her father.

all photo was taken by my digital camera only. Soo sorry for the low quality picture.
My hubby's camera was out of battery that day, and he forgot to bring the charger! can you believe that!!!!

Her reception was done on the next day. Wait for my next entry for that ya...

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