personal makeup lesson for zero knowledge

was held on my hubby's showroom (my makeup studio is not completed yet). It's a one to one personal makeup lesson for zero knowledge. Like i mentioned, its a one to one session, so the student was Najwa. I hope she can learn something from my class :)

(sorry, this only the picture i got. my cameraman was gone somewhere in the middle of the class T__T. So no picture after the makeover session. There's a hands-on session actually after the demo by instructor)

If you are interested with personal makeup class by petite touch, just contact me for a detail ya :)

here's some info about the class:

1. can be one to one session, or grouping class (with minimum 4 person and max 10 person per session).

2. Its a personal makeup lesson, for zero knowledge. Meaning, its an introduction for makeup, the basic and load with useful tips you can apply on your own at home :) i try to make all techniques easy to do and practical for personal application, without need to use the professional tools (hello, not everyone is crazy enough to buy a complete professional tools, just for their daily makeup, aite?)

3. only RM200 for one to one session, and RM150 per person for grouping session.

4. register 4 seats, FREE 1 seat! register for a grouping class minimum 4 person, and you get 1 FREE seat. 5 person with a price of 4. good bargain huh!

5. Student will get FREE sponge, tip applicators, pair of eyelashes, face mirror, and makeup remover sheets.

6. notes will be given

interested already? contact me for detail, and register for the next session :) :)


  1. interesting2...

    jenguk2 lah blog saya k;)

  2. salamm..

    wahh goodd newss dah bukak kelas make-up..congrates...good luck in ur field!!!