haslifah's wedding @ bukit jelutung

She requested a simple makeup for "majlis sambut menantu" at husband's side. It's a very simple ceremony, (both bride and groom only wear a matching blue color baju batik, sedondon), no bling-bling. They keep it simple and sweet. Afterall, it just a 'sambut menantu' ceremony, isn't it? The real event will be on the next day at concorde. That's another reason why they want to keep it light and easy on the 'majlis sambut menantu'

Haslifah prefer to use her own foundation and base, which is from Dior. I had no problem with that. In fact, she's more comfortable with it, and kinda worried about how her skin would reacted on others brand foundation. (her nikah's makeup, which is not by me btw, had burst a lot of pimples and rashes @_@) She never want to take anymore risks on that. Anyway, Anything that makes my client happy, i will be happy to do it :) ;)

Haslifah, before the makeup

after makeup.
using Dior snow base and foundation (her own collection. i applied it for her) loose powder and the rest is by me.

please be note that Dior snow is a liquid foundation. Which mean, The coverage is light-medium. There's no way to get a full coverage using that. (the only way to get a full/ thick coverage is by using cream-base foundation) It's exactly what my client want; light-simple makeup. I already advised her on that, and she happy with the result.

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