usherer for SKVE opening

i'd been asked to makeup 4 model a.k.a usherer for SKVE highway opening ceremony. without thinking much, i agreed with the offer, without knowing that they only provide me 2 hours in the morning! oh gosh! what a hectic and chaotic day!

After 2 hour, i only finish 2 models and just started with the 3rd one. The management start to "bising-bising" asked us to hurry up. They just don't know that makeup took longer than they expected. (hello, makeup seorang pon paling koman 40 minit. 30 minit boleh la kalau tanpa falsie, simple gile punya. Ini.. nak sanggul bagai...! how?)

So, mana-mana model yang dah siap dulu, keluar pergi rehersal dulu. So, i miss my 2 model. Tak sempat nak ambil gambar 2 model tu (yang 2 orang ni model muslimah, bertudung).

I only manage to take picture another 2 model here. Sempat sebab berdua ni takes more time, nak buat sanggul.

haha~! nice experience though~

model no. 1

dah macam peramugari mas pon ada... haha!

model no. 2

thanks for the opportunity :)

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