Makeup for pengapit & pengiring package

This is my last year job. I lost this picture file before so i could not blog about it until just now. Perfect timing when i am about to reveal a new package: Pengapit and pengiring makeup package.

Normal price makeup for pengapit is RM80.

Normal price makeup for pengiring (3 to 4 person) is RM65/person

Now, Pengapit and pengiring makeup package is RM300 for 5 person and RM260 for 4 person. (tak kisah lah dia pengapit ka, pengiring ka, flower girl ka, famili ka, kawan-kawan ka... asalkan grouping makeup for the same wedding venue)


Picture below is some of the flower girl, pengapit, and pengiring that i makeup on Emeli's wedding last year.

The flower girls are Emeli's sister. They're just teenagers, so i make my makeup as light as possible. They are too young to be expose with all those chemicals! haha~~~ i mean, they are all pretty as they are. Glowing with their youthful. Is that rite?

2 of the pengapit is Emeli's best friend. 1 for the groom side, and another one for the bride side. I put a simple fresh look for both of them, just the right amount of colors to make them look sweet and lovely.

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