the 5 reason (for not updating)

Sorry for a long hiatus. This happen due to certain reason

1. doesn't have time to update my job blog (pelik, tapi blog personal boleh pulak ber-update.. haih~)

2. There is a time when i'm in the mood to update this blog, but unfortunately i don't have material to blog about. ~ habis idea

3. I no longer taking picture before and after working (kerana kebiasaannya keadaan semasa dan selepas makeup adalah sangat tight dan hiatus. Tak perlulah saya tambah lagi kelam kabut pengantin ketika itu) Therefore, there's nothing to show in my blog, as i don't have any picture on me.

4. Menunggu "official picture" from "the official photographer" adalah seperti menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba.

5. I didn't bring my own photographer or any helper/ assistant anymore. And for your acknowledge, i usually bring my 3yo daughter with me whenever i go makeup. Bermakna, tangan cukup-cukup aje nak buat kerja. Ambil gambar memang tak ada chan.

Wow, i can't believe i can come out with 5 reason for not updating~~ However, i will try my best to update from time to time. Next time, if i got extra helping hand, then i will manage to snap few picture during my job, i will post it here :) Wish me luck on that~

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